“Open your eyes. Open your mind. Exploring time & space & the great narratives: that’s my art.”

Knots, Time & Space

Explorations: Measuring the World

Wolfgang Leidhold, The Twelve Small Prophets / Die zwölf kleinen Propheten, Egg-tempera & oil on canvas, 31,5 x 39,4 inches, 2004 Tempera, Öl auf Leinwand, 80 x 100 cm, 2004

The Great Narratives

Works on paper

Wolfgang Leidhold, Gnostic Love (Harbor Master Series, II Day), Guilded panel, paper cut-out, ink, acrylics and oil - 11,8 x 7,9 inches - 2014 Öl, Tinte und Acryl mit Papier auf Goldgrund/Holztafel - 30 x 20cm - 2014

The Harbour Master Series

Landscapes? Landscapes!

On Painting

On History

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